We all know that email is not the most attractive channel of communication nowadays, when we have smartphones, smart watches and drones, but it’s still one of the strongest performing channels in the world of business.

More than 75% of marketers responded in a survey, that the email will still be one of the highest channels for delivering Return Of Investment in six years time.

Email marketing is not easy, and most of you who are ignoring 98% of the emails that are landing into your inbox, do know how competitive this channel is.

Because it’s hard and challenging to work in the email marketing world, i thought it’s good to have a look at some tools , that can make your email marketer job a bit easier.


Everybody knows this platform, as it is one of the most popular email marketing platforms out there, and that is for a reason: It has a very clean and easy interface, and offers a lot of proper features on its free subscription account.

email marketing platform

This platform is awsome for beginners in email marketing. Mailchimp offers a wide variety of content, that will help you to learn a lot of tricks, in a very short period of time. As i said a bit earlier, the interface is extremely intuitive and simple.


This email marketing platform is well know for it’s great features in terms of segmentation and drag and drop interface. Despite the fact that it has more advanced email marketing techniques, it’s still easy for beginners.



Touchstone subject line analyzer

We all know how important subject lines are for our email marketing campaigns! With the help of this tool you don’t need to be an encyclopedia of subject line strategy, in order to get it right.

touchstone subject line analyzer

All the results are built from a huge database of  more than 1.5 billion tested subject lines, and that means that they must be extremely reliable. If you choose the free account subscription, then you’ll get 6 free database searches per month, and you also can use all the features just like a paid account.

Litmus Scope

When i talk about litmus, i must admit that they offer one of my favorite tools. I can’t imagine my daily work flow without Litmus. Now, let’s get back to Litmus Scope – you will be amazed how simply is to set up this tool: you just drag the Scope it button into your browser’s toolbar and that’s it, you are good to go.

What can you do with this tool? First i must say that only works with gmail, and let’s you view, copy, clone any email that you have in your email account. It’s very useful if you see something in an email, and you would like to see or learn how it was built.

Litmus Scope

Oh, and another thing . . . It’s completely free

A/B split test duration calculator

If you ever asked yourself how long you need to run a A/B testing campaign in order to see the results, now it’s very easy. This tool will tell you exactly how long to run the test campaign in order to see great results.

They offer a 30 day free trial – but it is limited to 1000 visitors . If you never tried it out, now it’s the time!



IsValid A/B test significance calculator

This tool is all about the visualization of your data. Let’s assume that you’ve completed an A/B test, and now it’s time to represent visually that data … then this tool will help you out. There are a lot of other tools like this one, out there, but i like this one the most because of two things: the output visualization looks great and it’s free


The Hemingway Editor

This tool will help you create your content, using simple language and sentence structure. You will find it very useful, because it highlights a lot of writing faux pas, from dreaded passive voice to using long or obscure words.

Hemingway editor

Cliche Finder

It does exactly what the name of the tool make think it does.  Will highlight old and overused cliches, because for every cliche there is an alternative.


cliche finder 2


Lyris Content Checker

The most painful part of email crafting, is that you work all day to build the perfect email and in the end you see that half of your subscribers did not open it. The cause can be that spam filters caught your emails and marked it accordingly. To avoid this you can use this tool, that will test your content against several spam filters and will give you a spam score for your actual email campaign. It’s worth running your emails through this type of tools. Better safe than sorry.



Email Deliverability Test from GlockApps

GlockApps checks the reputation of your sending IP, your authentication, and real email placement across different mailbox providers and shows you a picture of what is really going on and what you look like to email receivers.

The information it gathers will help you determine different things that can potentially lead to poor deliverability: some of them are content related, some of them are IP related, some of them are reputation related. Plus, you’ll get suggestions you can follow to make sure that your future email campaigns are getting to the Inbox and to send better messages that people will convert on.

Website URL: https://glockapps.com/spam-testing/



This is another tool that i personally use in my daily work flow. It gives your IP a score from 0 to 100, and will be compared against millions of other IPs. By keeping an eye on your IP score, and you can take action, in order to send your emails into your subscribers inboxes.




If you are a busy person, and tend to forgot to follow-up your emails, than this free tool will help you a lot. Rebump will track if your emails have been replied and when needed will send a personalized follow-up message.




According to it’s description this simple tool works on any platform, and comes as a free Chrome plugin. What it does, is that it takes the manual work of seeing who you’ve emailed, and reminds you when to follow-up. This tool will save you a lot of time when it comes to basic follow-ups.




The good thing with this tool, is that you don’t need to be a guru designer or a rocket scientist to use it, so it’s good for anyone who wants to make a great first impression to their customers. In the end, the goal of the product is to make your emails look pretty.



MailChimp : HTML to Text email converter

If you want to use this great free to tool to convert your HTML emails into Text versions, you don’t even need an account at MailChimp. You just copy the HTML email into the box and you’ll get in a moment  the converted plain text email version.