I remember working for a software startup a few years ago, and one of the main projects that was requested for the CEO was to build a dashboard where he can see the activity from different channels from his office. The project took around 8 months or so, and involved a lot of people and many hours of work.

When i launched my website i wanted to have a dashboard as well, not having to login in 10 different services with 10 different chrome tabs opened, and to switch them from time to time, but the main downfall for me is that i was managing my own site, with no help from others.

Finally i came across a service that does exactly that: an All-in-One Dashboard for my Business, and it’s called Cyfe. ( i find this name very appealing and with a lot of personality J ).

main dashboard

The registration for this service is extremely easy and straightforward , you just need to type your Name, Email Address and set a Password and you are good to go.

signup for cyfe

As soon as you log into you account you can create any dashboard that you can imagine, or need for one or multiple websites. The only limit with this service is your imagination or
your needs.

dashboard example

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Below are just a few examples of Dashboards that you can create within Cyfe:

  • Startup Dashboard

startup dashboard

  • Social Media Dashboard

social media dashboard

  • Marketing Dashboard

marketing dashboard

  • Client Dashboard

dashboard client

  • Web Analytics Dashboard

dashboard analytics

  • Finance Dashboard

dashboard finance

  • Sales Dashboard

dashboard sales

  • Project Management Dashboard

dashboard project management

  • IT Dashboard

dashboard it

For a premium account you can get even more:

TV Mode that automatically rotate one or more dashboards for a big screen monitor
Public URLs to share your dashboards with anybody in the world
Custom domain – share with your investors, partners, co-workers your metrics using your own domain name
Data exports – you can export all of your data in PNG, JPG, PDF and CSV formats

Cyfe comes preloaded with a lot of widgets, but you are not limited to that, you can even create your own custom widgets!

cyfe widgets

I can say that i love this product, looks awesome, works great and it’s a lot of fun just using it!