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Focusing on conversion and retention programs. I can teach everything related to my field of work, such as: deliverability, interpreting bounces, ip reputation, feedback loops, building campaigns and stay up to date with trends in the field, loyalty programs, conversion program, marketing automation, strategy flows, static vs dynamic content, advanced segmentation, email orchestration, and so many more. I am ROI driven and keen to increase the KPI's for the channels that i own. When I'm not working, I enjoy cooking , reading Tech magazines and develop new skills.

A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies

“You have a new e-mail.”

Do you hear that notification? It’s one of those incredible bits of Internet history shaped when the street was all the while being cleared and we were searching our way through the wild of what was the first World Wide Web.

In spite of the fact that circumstances are different and, […]

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Hall of fame of email marketing quotes that you need to read and share

Create something memorable and it can inspire many others. In the email marketing quotes Hall of Fame only the best are considered.

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15 Best Email Marketing Tools To Use In 2016

We all know that email is not the most attractive channel of communication nowadays, when we have smartphones, smart watches and drones, but it’s still one of the strongest performing channels in the world of business.

More than 75% of marketers responded in a survey, that the email will still be one of the highest channels […]

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Focus more on your tasks with Freelance Cockpit 2

Freelance Cockpit 2 – work smarter and faster
We all know that if you are a freelancer, and want to manage your business you have to use a lot of tools from a lot of different places, and sometimes you forgot where you placed things. No you can get more organized by having everything in one secure […]

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Block Sender from Gmail and what it means for marketers

In September, Gmail value-added a block sender feature to their web interface and mobile app. Now, once you get an email from a sender you’re not comfy with, you’ve got choices. rather than marking the e-mail as spam, unsubscribing, or manually putting in place a filter to get rid of it from your inbox, you’ll […]

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Working with MailWizz for the last few months

Given the fact the fact that i am working in the email marketing field, i find and test a lot of email platforms either hosted or self-hosted. A few months ago, i have found MailWizz, and i must admit, that is everything that you ever wanted if you are a small to medium size business.

MailWizz […]

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All-in-One Dashboard for your Business

I remember working for a software startup a few years ago, and one of the main projects that was requested for the CEO was to build a dashboard where he can see the activity from different channels from his office. The project took around 8 months or so, and involved a lot of people and […]

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What format is the best option for emails: HTML or Plain Text emails?

Who will win: HTML or Plain Text emails?


There is a lot of debate regarding HTML or plain text emails are the best in the email channel. Sources like Litmus claim that plain text emails are very important at this point in time, while others are saying that the plain text emails are long dead and […]

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Newsletter Templates Design Guidelines

Build your Newsletter Templates as professional as possible

I consider good design to be a problem solving.

Design is not an art, design should be a plan, a strategy, a process.

A good email should be innovative, useful, understandable, unobtrusive, honest, thorough and esthetic.

A well design email serves 2 purposes:

Shows respect for our audience

Helps your company to achieve […]

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Open the floodgates of traffic to your website in 14 ways

If you ask any marketer or business owner what would they want more, for their website, service, for sure they will tell you “more customers”. Do you know what comes after “more customers” on the wishlist? MORE TRAFFIC

There are a lot of ways that you can increase traffic on your website, but today i just want […]

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