About Uberescent

Focusing on conversion and retention programs. I can teach everything related to my field of work, such as: deliverability, interpreting bounces, ip reputation, feedback loops, building campaigns and stay up to date with trends in the field, loyalty programs, conversion program, marketing automation, strategy flows, static vs dynamic content, advanced segmentation, email orchestration, and so many more. I am ROI driven and keen to increase the KPI's for the channels that i own. When I'm not working, I enjoy cooking , reading Tech magazines and develop new skills.

Sketch your next great email template

Have you ever had a great email template idea, but you had nothing to write it down, and by the time you had your laptop open or desktop, the idea was lost? Well it happened to me a lot of times, and then i decided that i should always have with me a pen and […]

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Email Subject Lines Are Vital For Your Company’s revenue

I know that everybody talks about email marketing that has the biggest ROI among all the other online channels, and this is why i also talk about it over and over again. Today i want to enter a bit more into depth of this subject and i start with the email subject lines optimization.
The conversion […]

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Launch your own smtp server for less than $10

Why do you need your own smtp server instead of sending your email campaigns via ESP’s like MailChimp, Active Campaign, MadMimi or others? Well, because you have complete control over what are you sending and to whom, and it costs less than $10 per month for unlimited sent volume.

Of course there are benefits of using […]

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How to insert a dynamic timer in email

Timer in Email – a step by step guide
We’ll be making a nice little GIF like this that counts down to a specific date. This can help create a sense of urgency for events or product offers you may be using email for. The best thing is that you can create this little tool in-house and exclude any […]

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Test your Email Campaign before sending it

Test your email campaign , and don’t do similar mistakes like this guys ….

A few days ago, i have received a promotional email from Food Panda in my gmail account. For those who don’t know who Food Panda is – they are a global online food ordering marketplace where people can discover, choose and order from the widest […]

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