In September, Gmail value-added a block sender feature to their web interface and mobile app. Now, once you get an email from a sender you’re not comfy with, you’ve got choices. rather than marking the e-mail as spam, unsubscribing, or manually putting in place a filter to get rid of it from your inbox, you’ll be able to block that sender from your inbox with one click.

Block sender is separate from Gmail’s report spam feature

block sender feature


This is good news if you like to have your own inbox tidy. however what will it mean for you as an email marketer?.

When you click block sender in Gmail, a filter is made that sends all future emails from the sender’s address on to your spam folder. a bit like with different filtered messages, the sender isn’t directly notified. The tab heading in Gmail’s settings menu has modified from only “Filters” to “Filters and Blocked Addresses,” that associates these two actions along.

But simply because block sender is cut loose Gmail’s “report spam” feature doesn’t mean it affects a sender’s rep. any less. In fact, since clicking block sender means a sender’s messages can currently automatically move to spam, we can expect that a sender’s Gmail rep. will go downhill the more they’re blocked by recipients. Marking one thing as spam in your inbox feeds into Gmail’s international spam-filtering algorithms for different users, and Gmail weighs user-reported spam heaviest when filtering spam.

So, how are you able to stop your subscribers from clicking block sender on your campaigns? begin by pondering why somebody would use the block feature within the 1st place. perhaps they don’t trust a sender’s opt-out method, or even they don’t trust the sender any longer as a result of the content isn’t what they expected. perhaps they’re overpowered by the quantity of emails they receive from one sender. perhaps they don’t bear in mind who the sender is or wherever they signed up for the emails within the 1st place.

You can avoid inflicting subscribers this sort of confusion by following some basic email selling best practices. In different words, check yourself before you wreck yourself:

  • Before each send, ask if your subscribers know your brand / identity and if they expect this specific reasonably content from you.
  • Pay attention to your unsubscribes to form positive your subscribers aren’t accidentally receiving multiple emails from you.
  • Frequently prune unengaged subscribers to avoid causing to folks that have blocked (or may begin blocking) your campaigns.
  • Include associate “update profile” choice in your campaigns therefore subscribers will choose however typically they’d prefer to hear from you

This new block sender feature might sound sort of a dangerous issue for email marketers, however it doesn’t need to be. In fact, if it gets you to be additional deliberate in generating your campaigns and managing your lists, it’s going to even cause higher emails and higher subscriber engagement overall. And with the vacations quickly approaching, now’s the proper time to appraise what you’re causing and check your list (twice).