Ultimate Guide: A SaaS Startup Go to Market Strategy

Many startups believe that launch day is the end. Launch day is only the very beginning of the journey and kick starts the hardcore business work. Hard work starts because the startup passes from the building stage to the business stage.

Direct selling is a huge part of the go to market strategy as it helps […]

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Top 10 Sales Software to Accelerate your SaaS Growth

SaaS is our today’s most competitive industry because major actors are racing to boost their productivity, shorten their sales process or increase their efficiency with innovative tools that hit the market. Product Hunt, Crunchbase, G2Crowd are daily visited websites by SaaS C-level in order to find the last sales, marketing or project management tools.
In order […]

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Ultimate Guide for SaaS Companies to Master Outbound lead generation

What is Lead Generation?
Lead generation is a first and most important stage at the very start of the sales funnel. Lead gen is used to extract outside leads inside the sales funnel. One of the key points of lead generation is to search, extract and export targeted prospect contacts to a database for further management […]

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Ultimate Guide to choose the right Outbound Lead Generation Software

In today’s brisk competition, selling is more than never the number one priority of every successful companies. New sales methodologies have arisen those last years that emphasize the crucial importance of outbound lead generation in the sales process. B2B customers require a very tailored, precise and transparent sales approach which is only possible if the […]

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Best Practices in Marketing

When performing research for this article, I came to realise that this is quite a controversial subject. The main reason being that as there are so many people performing marketing for such a range of different businesses in different industries with different customers. As such, what is considered ‘best practise’ for one business may be […]

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The most intrusive Black Friday Campaign

We all know that during black Friday and cyber Monday we expect to receive a lot of offers via email, but one company was above all the rest by sending 15 promotional emails in just 6 days.

I just wonder what was their unsubscribe rate and spam complaint rate. HostGator’s campaign should be awarded for the most […]

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Marketing Quotes

Below are inspirational and motivational marketing quotes that i like.


If you would like to submit marketing quotes that you want me to publish here, please do so via comments. Another great source for marketing quotes is on SlideShare

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Marketing strategies for a perfect Black Friday Campaign

We all know that time flies by and if “yesterday” was the summertime, in less than a few days the holiday season is knocking on our doors. The main problem for all marketers is that the work volume in this period of time may be overwhelming, so if you are not done with the Black […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Strategies

“You have a new e-mail.”

Do you hear that notification? It’s one of those incredible bits of Internet history shaped when the street was all the while being cleared and we were searching our way through the wild of what was the first World Wide Web.

In spite of the fact that circumstances are different and, […]

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Hall of fame of email marketing quotes that you need to read and share

Create something memorable and it can inspire many others. In the email marketing quotes Hall of Fame only the best are considered.

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