Focus more on your tasks with Freelance Cockpit 2

Freelance Cockpit 2 – work smarter and faster
We all know that if you are a freelancer, and want to manage your business you have to use a lot of tools from a lot of different places, and sometimes you forgot where you placed things. No you can get more organized by having everything in one secure […]

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Working with MailWizz for the last few months

Given the fact the fact that i am working in the email marketing field, i find and test a lot of email platforms either hosted or self-hosted. A few months ago, i have found MailWizz, and i must admit, that is everything that you ever wanted if you are a small to medium size business.

MailWizz […]

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All-in-One Dashboard for your Business

I remember working for a software startup a few years ago, and one of the main projects that was requested for the CEO was to build a dashboard where he can see the activity from different channels from his office. The project took around 8 months or so, and involved a lot of people and […]

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