A brief overview of my consulting services

Deliverability Audit Newsletter Analysis Email marketing strategy audit
A customized analysis to understand your deliverability habits and improve them. A thorough analysis of your template to improve your open rate and lower your spam rate. A service designed for companies that need to create or revise their email strategy.

If you face difficulties in building your emails or are unsure about your email structure, then i can help! I will analyse one or two of your campaigns and provide a detailed analysis with suggestions for improvement.

What’s in the program?

Subject Line and sender identification

  • User Experience Optimization
  • From address
  • Personalization
  • Subject Line length

Call to action

  • Identification of the different parts of the email
  • Color usage


  • Subject line
  • Length of paragraphs
  • Title usage

HTML integration

  • Respect of the W3C rules
  • Image hosting

Links and Landing pages

  • Send the right content
  • Link consistency

Deliverability principles

  • Authentication
  • Content related issues

Are you finding it difficult to identify what is going wrong with your email strategy? Is emailing becoming a growing part of your business model and needs to be beautifully designed? I am here to diagnose your business, provide you with the best possible roadmap and assist you in its implementation.

What’s in the program?
Deep audit and analysis

  • Business Model
  • Existing practices
  • Mapping
  • Interviews

Optimization Best Practices

  • Email optimization
  • Improvement strategy
  • Strategy changes

Full debrief

  • Result driven
  • Next challenges

Do you experience a high spam rate but cannot explain why? Are your open rates declining without any reason? I am here to diagnose your email practices, provide an improvement roadmap and explain how to better reach your customers.

What’s in the program?
Deliverability best practices

  • Concept of Sender Reputation
  • Concept of Deliverability

Your deliverability priorities

  • Technical platform
  • Data quality
  • Email content