Freelance Cockpit 2 – work smarter and faster

We all know that if you are a freelancer, and want to manage your business you have to use a lot of tools from a lot of different places, and sometimes you forgot where you placed things. No you can get more organized by having everything in one secure place, with the help of Freelance Cockpit 2.

This beautifully crafted piece of app gives you a lot of key features:

* You can create and manage projects, so you won’t loose your focus.
* Support tickets – you can keep records and stay organized in the same time. The support tickets can be opened either from the front-end or by email.
* Project timers – With this powerful tool, you can automatically log the time spent on a project, and use it for invoicing your clients.
* Invoicing system – The wow feature for the invoicing feature, is that you can set recurring invoices. Never forget about sending monthly recurring invoices again.
* Estimates – Before starting a new project for a client, you need estimates, right? Well with Freelancer Cockpit 2 you keep your estimates in one place, and the system notifies the client for you. The client will have the ability to accept or deny your estimate, and you’ll have all the data in the platform.
* Client management
* Private messaging
* Payment gateways
* Team option – you can create unlimited team member accounts (great asset for larger teams)
* Multi language support
The price for this app is only $44, and the money be recovered only from one project. I’ve been using it for 1 week know, and i must admit that helped me a lot, to focus on projects, than focusing on what I’ve put where.

Installing the app is very easy and straight forward. Using any ftp client just copy the the folder with all the files from Freelance Cockpit 2 to your domain or sub-domain.

freelance cockpit 2 instalation

After you have finished to copy all the files, you just need to point your browser to the installer of Freelance Cockpit 2.

point to installer

After pointing your browser to the installer, you will see that everything will be straight forward and in only 4 steps!

step 1 - freelance cockpit 2

step 2

step 3

step 4 - freelance cockpit 2

final step - freelance cockpit 2

The first thing you’ll see after finishing the installation and after logging into your account, will be a beautiful crafted dashboard, that will impress you with it’s simplicity and the richness of information stored in one place – freelance cockpit 2

dashboard cockpit 2