We all know that time flies by and if “yesterday” was the summertime, in less than a few days the holiday season is knocking on our doors. The main problem for all marketers is that the work volume in this period of time may be overwhelming, so if you are not done with the Black Friday campaign till now, you should start it ASAP.

Don’t leave this huge opportunity to pass by, just because you are a small company, and you believe that you can’t compete with bigger names in your vertical. Find bellow some useful marketing strategies, that can boost your small company just beside the “big boys”.

  • Look at last year’s data
    • Black Friday can be very profitable if you implement the right marketing strategy. Look back for the last year’s data and have an overview regarding what keywords, content, promos brought the highest traffic, conversions, retentions for your business. Also a good thing to look at, is to see where the traffic was coming for in the last year, and what behavior had your users / visitors last Black Friday.


  • Create Eye-Catching Black Friday Emails
    • Don’t forget that during holidays users are flooded with promo emails, and therefore, you need to stand out in the crowd. In order to create an awesome email you should:
      • Use high-quality animations: GIFs
      • Keep it simple and show the discount and a clear CTA
      • Boost the offer with a free gift
      • Run an extend Black Friday Campaign
      • Be funny and use humor
      • Don’t forget about the urgency
      • And last but not least – Raise awareness


  • Optimize for Mobile
    • Nowadays the smartphones and tablets are a part of our workflow, entertainment, in short there are a part of our lives, so having your website, landing pages and emails optimized for the mobile platforms it’s a must. That being said, you should don’t go cheap on your mobile spending. It will make the difference for sure.