If you thought that the brightest Internet sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you were wrong – there are much more colorful and offering more opportunities for socializing social media. One of them is Reddit which the subheading is “The Front Page of the Internet”. And there’s little bragging sentence because the other so singular community can with a candle to look for.

One website, many faces

It’s hard to define the nature of Reddit precisely – because it serves primarily to share all kinds of content (in the form of text links or posts), has the potential information, also meets all the requirements necessary for its recognition as an online community. What makes it so unique, however, that some Internet users choose to create their virtual identity just through it? Unlike social networking sites occupying top positions in the rankings to Reddit nothing is typical – there is no typical vertebrae friends (this function is almost marginalized), a regular chat, the typical user profile (actually the user is the content of his available), and the template it is heavily cut. We can safely be concluded that this minimalism makes it attractive.

A Community in the community

Reddit has a decidedly different character in comparison with Facebook, where the discussions are mainly concerned the private life of users, on Reddit, they’re focused on the subject of the each subreddit. They are designated as / r /: from the general ones and the / r / IAMA with the Ask Me Anything sessions, ending with the most detailed. Some of the subreddits are providing typically entertaining content; others are focused on subjects related to the various industries. The exception is the / r / all, which acts as the bag with the hottest, best-ranked content. Viewing Reddit does not require having an account, but being a redittor brings bonuses in the form of opportunities to comment and subscribe to topics, and most importantly – to join this extraordinary community.

Karma … and what is it all about?

Each user has at his disposal paw up and down, which determine the quality assessed by their content. These voices constitute the user’s  “karma”, and the more votes “for”, the higher it is. Recipe for gathering karma is straightforward – posting unique and exciting content, which additionally proves to be fun for other users. The idea of Reddit is not a fight about who’s going to will collect more karma – it has to be a place to share interesting content, exchanging opinions and most of all – fun. That is why another important element of the site is the opportunity to comment, and nothing drives a better click-through rate than lively discussion full of pros and cons…  except for cats and a particular part of the female body :).

Power in the hands of the people

Reddit is almost entirely made by users – except for posting content they can also fix bugs and improve the quality of the page, create new features, as well as encourage the development of new language versions.

Show me your subreddit, and I’ll tell you who you are

Originally, there was no limit to the quality and subjects of added content – the user could share what he was pleased about. In 2015, however, the new CEO decided to make changes in content strategy, explaining the necessity to apply restrictions to these communities, which serve only “upsetting other Reddit users.” Any subreddits providing racist, vulgar or aggressive was quarantined. The opinions about this decision are divided – some users treated it as an attack on freedom of speech, while others commented is a “purge” (mainly because it would limit the negative attitude to the website itself).

Content in the service of the sale

Reddit has enough significant marketing potential, although in comparison with other such services, limited by the principle of quality content available. Subreddits are not the same as Facebook pages, where you can share content related only to the brand. Safe promotion via Reddit should, therefore, rely on the sharing of links compatible with subreddits, but from different places on the Internet with unique and interesting content. There are also developed advertising formats that look the same as usual published URL but paid according to the existing price list.

One glance at the Reddit statistics is enough to say that this website is highly successful. This online community is full of various characters, ideas, and personalities, which together form a homogeneous, harmonious whole. 231 million unique visitors and more than 8 billion available pages speak for itself – people from all over the world (and more precisely, from 217 countries) love this service for the opportunity to define themselves through added content and published opinions, not by the number of likes under the profile picture.

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