SaaS is our today’s most competitive industry because major actors are racing to boost their productivity, shorten their sales process or increase their efficiency with innovative tools that hit the market. Product Hunt, Crunchbase, G2Crowd are daily visited websites by SaaS C-level in order to find the last sales, marketing or project management tools.
In order to help SaaS companies to accelerate their sales growth, I have gathered 10 of the most amazing sales software every VP sales should have in their sales stack.


salestoolsSalestools – #1 Customer Acquisition Platform is revolutionizing the way salespeople are prospecting. The entire pre-CRM industry is getting disrupted by this platform as it helps SDR and Prospectors to extract accurate and updated data on social media websites (Linkedin, Github, Crunchbase, Xing, Viadeo, Twitter). Salestools is a user-friendly solution for every person who desire to build a high-quality database. All data are exportable to any CRMs (Salesforce, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, MSDynamics, ZohoCRM, etc.) or CSV Files. Salestools save 45% of sales reps prospecting time!

salesforceSalesforce CRM, leader of CRMs, offer a very customizable platform that fit perfectly all your sales management needs. Stable, Salesforce provides real-time customer information in a single one platform, insights with dashboards and analytics. Moreover, most of sales apps and tools are integrated with salesforce which also provide a great opportunity to get informed & used new sales tools as soon as they got integrated.




intercomIntercom is a must have after sales tool to communicate instantly with customers in a live chat. Top sales performers continue to entertain their relationship with prospects in order to create more deals or ask for referrals. Intercom is the best software to nurture relationship after closing as it proposes a very quick and easy way to chat with existing customers.





aircallAircall is a phone platform and call center used by sales teams to talk in real time with your customers and distribute calls across different departments of the company. This tool connects all call information got during the call with CRMs, Slack and other software. Every sales rep should use Aircall to call prospects, existing customers and others.





streakStreak is an email tracking system right in the Email Inbox. Streak help you to manage your sales deals, support queue, HR leads (and more) inside Gmail. It integrates many external systems in a single platform. Streaks offer you to collaborate with teams everywhere a single click as it is a cloud-based solution. Share contacts, emails, files, and anything else needed to get the job done.



marketoMarketo is an Automation Marketing Platform allowing salespersons and marketers to attract targeted prospects, engage them over time,realize some analytics, optimize selling time, and plan & coordinate marketing across the team.
Marketo is revolutionizing the way companies are driving individualized, long-term and meaningful relationships with B2B customers. Marketo helps you in your digital marketing operation and give you key opportunities to create and improve your SEO strategy according to your inbound performance.




mailchimpMailChimp is an every sales leader stack tools as it helps to design, send & track email sales campaigns. The integration with Salesforce helps salespersons and marketers to manage their MailChimp subscribers directly from SalesforceCRM. Mailchimp helps thousands of salespeople over the world to close more deals through emails.


xactlyXactly is the leader in on-demand sales compensation management. Xactly enables sales and finance executives to create, design, manage, track and optimize sales compensation management programs thanks to their user-friendly solution. Xactly’s platform automate the process of aggregating data from various systems into a secure, hosted repository and permit companies to leverage business data to improve sales performance management.




hooplaHoopla is a sales motivational software that helps VP Sales and sales managers to keep their sales team motivated by proposing premium leaderboards around CRM metrics and quick & easy contests among sales team. Hoopla combines modern game mechanics, data analytics, and broadcast-quality video in a single foolproof platform. Better than 10 coffee machines and 10 bossy managers, Hoopla increases your numbers while keeping a healthy organizational culture and a low turnover.




saleshandySalesHandy is a cloud-based sales communications and analytics platform build to share files, analyze emails, synced document management and initiate leads via centralization. Ideal for SMEs, SalesHandy helps sales teams to build and manage viable sales strategies by tracking of sales resources and user insights.
This must have tool help sales managers and marketers to determine customer behavior, spot trends, share and edit corporate documents and evaluate sales performance.