In today’s brisk competition, selling is more than never the number one priority of every successful companies. New sales methodologies have arisen those last years that emphasize the crucial importance of outbound lead generation in the sales process. B2B customers require a very tailored, precise and transparent sales approach which is only possible if the sales rep has gathered targeted & accurate prospect data.
Lead generation is a keyword that passed from 60 Google search results to more than 8 million in few years!

Gathering information about prospects in order to build the most efficient sales campaign is long, tough and highly time consuming. It takes around 45% of a BDR work time and some companies have even created a specific sales position (sales prospector) to handle it.

Don’t worry, new sales prospecting software have been created during the last year to automate the outbound lead generation process and let salespeople focus on what they are good at: Selling.

Looking for a lead generation software? Discover the 4 key features that distinct a software stand apart?

  • Social media source based

Social networks have disrupted the whole sales prospecting industry. The main point of prospecting is to find accurate data about your targeted audience. Social media websites are platforms filled with millions of contact info organized by fields and continuously updated.

Professional social networks such as Linkedin are the most valuable for B2B sales prospecting as they provide relevant information about prospect’s company, industry, position, company size, customers and so on. Gathering that information is crucial to build a very customized & precise sales email or call pitch. Moreover, your sales email campaign has to be focused only on prospect who fit with your buyer persona. Professional social networks offer great features such as the Advanced Search on Linkedin to highlight only interested profile. You do not want to fill your database full of untargeted leads!

Before purchasing a Lead Generation software, smart prospectors always check out if the software is extracting the precious data on

social networks or if it used a third party list building, usually filled with outdated information.

  • Lead accuracy

Quality matter! A good lead generation software has to provide at least a 80% verified email address rate. Salespersons not only use a lead generation tool to save time while prospecting but also to have a more efficient sales campaign. Most of sales rep receive a database with hundreds of leads every day from their AE and 50% of them never get delivered due to outdated datas. The sales process kick off as soon as BDRs or SDRs start having a relationship with the prospect or no relationship can be built with wrong, false or outdated email address. Thanks to complex algorithm and Artificial Intelligence, lead generation software can reach the symbolic 80% accuracy rate. Be very picky on the verified email addresses rate as quality should always be your priority!

  • CRM integrated

Generating data is genuine, but what’s next? Do not forget your goals; Reaching more targeted prospects to close more deals and make more money. Contact info are nothing if you cannot store and manage them.

Cloud based CRM are the norm nowadays to manage efficiently your pool of leads, tracking your campaign and increasing the productivity of your sales team. A good lead generation software is a cloud based solution integrated with the full pool of CRM in the market.

Before signing up with a lead generation software, have a look at the number and the quality of the CRM it is integrated with. SugarCRM, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier or MS Dynamics integration are token of quality when come the time to choose the right tool.

  • Monthly subscription

A current trend in the SaaS industry is to offer  monthly subscription. Only premium SaaS companies can propose this payment facility as it creates too much uncertainty for the noisy one. Most of salespersons or entrepreneurs forget to examine the non-technical services behind a software (Free demo, webinar, Monthly subscription, 24/7 live chat, and so on). Huge mistake as most of inefficient software offered also a very low customer service. A company proposing monthly subscription shows confidence in its product and technology. Moreover, it will permit you to switch from one tool to another if you are not happy!

Productivity and efficiency come with great tools! Your sales team deserve the best in class lead generation software to extract faster prospect profiles that fit with your targeted audience. However, the outbound lead generation market is not already settle which result in a huge variation in terms of quality, pricing and features. Keep in mind the 4 main keys (Social media source based, Lead Accuracy, CRM integrated, Monthly subscription) highlighted in this article if you are looking for an efficient, foolproof and user friendly solution