Given the fact the fact that i am working in the email marketing field, i find and test a lot of email platforms either hosted or self-hosted. A few months ago, i have found MailWizz, and i must admit, that is everything that you ever wanted if you are a small to medium size business.

MailWizz is simple to use (so simple, even a non-tech person could use it, on it’s full potential), efficient and has a lot of features right out of the box. It’s one of the most impressive email marketing application under $50, that you will ever find. (i am not affiliated with this product, but seeing that there are products as good as this one, is what drives me to let others know)

The application was built with one thing in mind:

Email marketing should be accessible to everyone, as simple as possible. Click To Tweet

The Admin dashboard has a very simple design, and you can understand everything at a glance.

MailWizz Dashboard 1

If you are an agency, or just a freelancer who wants to create accounts for his customers, you will have a very good overview of what is going on in your platform. You can see the total number of customers that are using your application, total number of campaigns that were sent, how many lists are available from all of your customers, segments, unique subscribers, and how many delivery servers do you have available in the platform. ( the great thing with this application, is that you can add as many delivery servers you want, and also you can either assign them to a specific customer or rotate them on a % basis ).

The second part of the main dashboard gives you the entire overview on how many email are you or your customers sending, how many bounces do you have and the growth of your sending campaigns, lists, and unsubscribes for a period of 3 months.

MailWizz Dashboard 2


MailWizz manages everything for you, and that includes spam complaints, bounces, dkim and spf certificates, just like any other big  ESP.

MailWizz options




Some of the available features within MailWizz:

CAN-SPAM Act compliant
Ajax list import with remote DNSBL checks
 System memory management control
Unlimited users and customers
Ajax list export with remote DNSBL checks
Parallel delivery processing
Unlimited email lists and list segments
Delivery via any SMTP server
Attachments management
Unlimited lists custom fields, searchable!
Delivery via Amazon SES / Mandrill / etc
CSS inliner and parser
Unlimited campaigns
Delivery via Sendmail and php’s mail() function
Unlimited email templates
Delivery via Directory Pickup
True Restful API with SDK Client
Campaign and email templates testing
Bounce emails processing
Email blacklist support
Embed list forms
FBL/ARF emails processing
Remote DNSBL’s check support
Single/Double Opt-in/Opt-out for lists
Quota management for delivery servers
Custom extensions support
100% customizable forms/pages
Quota management for customers, with notifications
Themes support
Use RSS/JSON Feeds in your campaigns
Advanced subscribers tracking
Internationalization and translation support
Exhaustive settings to tune-up the application.
Recursive delivery processing
Ip location services
Simple delivery processing
Attachments for your campaigns
Detailed campaign stats
Template tags management
Article/Article categories creation
Export campaign stats
Emergency actions system
Deep list segmentation
Subscribers activity map for campaigns
Customers impersonation (Login as)
Low server requirements
API keys management


MailWizz helps you send your email campaigns extremely easy, in just a few steps, by following the step by step campaign wizard.

mailwizz campaign wizard

With the above being said, just stop for a moment and imagine that you could have your own email marketing platform for less than $60 (one time fee), and a recurring cost of $10 per month for the delivery server (smtp ).

Leave your thoughts and questions bellow.